Has employee burnout, stress, unhealthy lunch breaks and sick days become a
way of life?

After years of bad habits this can seem like normal, but it doesn’t have to be.

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  • Do you want a plan without having to weed through the clutter of ideas and information?
  • Are you overwhelmed by conflicting nutritional information?
  • Have you had trouble getting started and not sure where to begin?

I’m here to help.

I specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses here in Central Ohio, and I help to improve the health and well being of their employees to maximize business results, improve performance and reduce absenteeism.

We’ll work to improve fatigue and general health concerns that cost valuable time and money for the employee as well as the company.

Your company have an action plan designed specifically to your needs as well as a support system.

What you can expect

This is a Comprehensive Holistic Program. Many available programs are not moving beyond the traditional definition of wellness, meaning employees’ full range of physical/clinical, mental/emotional, financial, and work/life balance needs are not met. That’s why providing services to address the whole person in an integrated way is what most employers want to move toward. Addressing the needs of an employer’s entire population is key in driving better health and ultimately reducing health claims costs. Your program will be customized to your needs. As your team starts to feel better, these habits will have a natural tendency to remain with you and will crowd out the less Healthful ones. When your Health improves, other areas of your life will naturally become more satisfying as you realize that being able to manage your health means you can manage anything else that needs your attention.

Are you curious about how working with me can help you?

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