The Avengers, Part 1 Building Your Team

Your Doctor Wants You Well

Something most people don’t tell you is that your doctor really wants you to get better. Certainly there are unethical people in every profession, but you can believe that your doctor will gain more patients, make more money, gain popularity and become a greater success when his/her patients are bragging about them.  Align yourself with a Rheumatologist that wants to be on your Team. This might take some research and meeting with several professionals to find the right one.  Ask for a meeting with your Doctor and take a list of questions.  Below is a list of things to think about when deciding on who you intend to hire:

  1. Who does the talking – Your Dr will be asking questions and LISTENING to your answers.
  2. When you ask questions, your Dr will listen to you and take time to be sure you have been heard and your questions answered clearly.
  3. Do you like the Staff
  4. Is the location easily accessible to you
  5. Do you feel Rushed? You’ve been waiting for this visit, breathe and ask your questions-make sure you understand the answers
  6. Are you comfortable without feeling dominated or judged- you must be treated as a Partner
  7. Do you like your Dr’s personality? You may be spending many years with this person.
  8. Is he an Ass? ‘Cause we don’t like asses.
  9. Prepare for each visit by researching advances and new ideas- ask your Dr for suggestions or opinions on new medications, foods, supplements. You are not seeking status quo.  You are looking for ways to Heal.
  10. Take note immediately of  side effects regarding medications- Journal your experience.
  11. When prescribed a new medication
    • What are side effects
    • Do I start it immediately
    • Will it work with my supplements -list them
    • Can I stop it suddenly
    • How long before I notice a difference
    • Do you have samples
    • How do I take it- always or as needed – with food or without, etc. If you forget a question or the answer, ask your Pharmacist- she is also one of your Avengers

When your Doctor understands that they are not in this on their own and that you are a patient who takes control and responsibility of your health, They will appreciate being on your Team and will include you in the process.  Your Body is Your Business. Hire the right professionals.

To quote Dr, Phil:

“This is your canoe and you will have to paddle it.”

Steer clear of the rapids.

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