Keeping Yourself in Tip-Top Shape

If you are dealing with chronic illness, you need to get super focused on your care.

You need to keep yourself fully charged and infused with positive energy (physical, mental and spiritual).  That means taking care of “background details.”


The basics: Make sure that you…

  • Drink enough water every day (six glasses, absolute minimum). Our human bodies are literally like batteries: Without enough water, we lose energy and begin to exhibit symptoms of dehydration, which can include a foggy mind, exhaustion, itchiness, stomach problems and all sorts of physical and mental irritations that knock us off our game
  • Start your day with a power drink. (After your first glass of water, that is!) Try a green smoothie, with fresh spinach or kale and at least two fruits. Keep this simple and the ingredients fresh. Blend it in a Nutribullet™ or Magic Bullet with ice and water, and sip it slowly. (You don’t even need to add protein powders and all the other expensive ingredients people claim you need.)

Try this just for one week and see how much more energized you feel, mentally as well as physically.

  • Exercise. Okay, so we all know this one—but are you doing it? And if you are saying “I teach branding: What does it matter whether or not I do fifty push-ups?” you are short-changing yourself.

    You don’t have to go to heroic lengths. Even if you simply go for a brisk walk twenty minutes a day, that will recharge your batteries further; physically, spiritually, emotionally.

And don’t be surprised if you find yourself developing sparks of inspiration and great ideas for yourself (or for your business) while you walk!

Do these three things, create a plan that energizes you (cutting out as much of the drudgery as you can) and you won’t have too much trouble with the fourth basic…

  • Get Enough Sleep. It’s true that not everyone needs the same amount of sleep, but if you are running on four hours a night, that energy is likely to be anxiety-based—and that is not healthy.

Creating habits goes a long way towards increasing your sleep quality: Simple things like going to bed at the same time every day, doing what makes you sleepy (i.e. switching the lights out—and if that doesn’t working, discovering what does work: For example, reading a favorite book.)

Include a healthy diet, adequate water, exercise and a work routine that flows smoothly, and good sleep will follow, giving you further energy.

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